Surface Sound


My Life as a Designer and as a Gamer

My history with games begins as a player on the Nintendo Entertainment System. From there I played games on as many different systems as I could get my hands on. I always liked trying new games and new systems. Because of this I became increasing interested with game design and when I found out that Wilfred Laurier's Brantford Campus was going to have a Game Design program I jumped at the chance and enrolled. Through the program I learned a lot about my interests as a designer. I learned that I am mostly interested in digital games, specifically Role Playing and Action Adventure games. During the course work I have done I honed my skills in several main areas.

  • Leadership and Project Management

  • Level Design

  • Game Mechanic Creation

  • Unity Game Creation

My Philosophy as a Designer

I feel the most important aspect of Game Design is often overlooked. Like the games we play trying and failing has a roll in the iterative design process. ​I feel that as a game designer my most important job is to reflect on the projects I make to find improvements for both the project and for my future designs. I also feel it is important for designers to explore many different types of games, to learn what other people have come up with as ideas. Just like a good author would be well read a good designer would be well versed in games.


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