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My Life as a Designer and as a Gamer

My history with games begins as a player on the Nintendo Entertainment System. From there I played games on as many different systems as I could get my hands on. I always liked trying new games and new systems. Because of this I became increasing interested with game design and when I found out that Wilfred Laurier's Brantford Campus was going to have a Game Design program I jumped at the chance and enrolled. Through the program I learned a lot about my interests as a designer. I learned that I am mostly interested in digital games, specifically Role Playing and Action Adventure games. During the course work I have done I honed my skills in several main areas.

  • Leadership and Project Management

  • Level Design

  • Game Mechanic Creation

  • Unity Game Creation

My Philosophy as a Designer

I feel the most important aspect of Game Design is often overlooked. Like the games we play trying and failing has a roll in the iterative design process. ​I feel that as a game designer my most important job is to reflect on the projects I make to find improvements for both the project and for my future designs. I also feel it is important for designers to explore many different types of games, to learn what other people have come up with as ideas. Just like a good author would be well read a good designer would be well versed in games.



Examples of the games I have designed or had a hand in designing over the time spent in the Laurier Game Design and Development program. These games showcase some of the skills I have developed and represent the types of ideas I come up with when making games.

Tales of Cold Canadian Nights


Tales of Cold Canadian Nights was the first game I had ever designed. It is an analogue board game in which players play as Canadian citizens during the 1860s. The game focuses on the player traveling to parts of Canada and resolving encounters. The Encounters are narrative pieces which are contained on a series of cards. The cards generally contain a situation which players could use their skills or abilities to resolve. Upon resolving the situation players would be given rewards depending on how the situation worked out.

My Involvement

My role in the creation of the game was the development of all physical assets, including about 40 cards a game board and the instruction manual. I also was the team leader for the creation of the project and its subsequent testing.

Untitled Peggle Clone 2018

AKA Break Them Pegs


Untitled Peggle Clone 2018 is a digital mobile game designed similarly to other existing brick breaker type games like Ricochet and Peggle. In the game the goal is to break as many pegs as possible before running out of balls. Players would touch and drag the golden ball to aim their shots to hit the pegs. The game would be over once the player runs out of balls or all the pegs are destroyed. 

My Involvement

This game was a individual project for a course and was conceived and built over the course of a week although only about 7 hours went into it due to time constraints. For the game I built the menu's using unity elements wrote the required code to make the game work, designed the layout of the pegs. I essentially made everything for it except the art assets. Credit for the art assets goes to

News Takeover


News Takeover is a board game designed and pitched for Media Smarts an organization interested in digital and media literacy. The game focuses on the spread of fake news. In the game players generate trending power, a representation of the reputation of fake news by playing a series of cards with headline elements attached to it. When playing these cards the players are tasked to make and announce a fake news headline using said cards. The players then spread their trending power throughout parts of the board. Once a player claims the middle section of the board the round is over and the game resets. 

My Involvement

For News Takeover my involvement was to lead the group and managed the deadlines and milestones expected of us. I also helped develop the game from its conceptual phase to a cohesive vision that the group could use while making it. Beyond that I created some of the assets and shared responsibility in the play-testing and improvement of the game itself.


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